Why Buy From Aqua Clear H2O?

Innovative Filtration Systems

Aqua-Clear H2O Filtration Systems use the latest in filtration technology to provide our customers with the best filtration solution for their needs.

NSF Approved Materials

Aqua-Clear H2O Filtration Systems are proudly manufactured using only high quality NSF certified parts and components

American Made Products

Aqua-Clear H2O Filtration Systems are manufactured using high quality NSF certified parts and components that are MADE IN THE USA.

Eco Friendly Solutions

Aqua-Clear H2O offers many eco freindly solutions from salt freee softeners to pool filtration which uses only 5 gallons of water to backwash.

Professional Service

Aqua-Clear H2O's Professional Authorized Dealers, Representatives, and Installers Will Help You to Determine Which Filtration System and Size is Right for You. We Take Care of You from Water Test to Installation.

Over 30 Years Experience

In Over 30 Years of Service, Aqua-Clear H2O has learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We have been able to Provide Numerous Filtration Solutions for a Wide Variety of Unique Situations.

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