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Advantages of an Aqua-Clear H2O BottleLESS Cooler vs. A Bottled Water Cooler

BottleLESS Cooler Savings

Aqua-Clear H2O BottleLESS water coolers are the solution you have been looking for for your home or office drinking water needs. BottleLESS Water Coolers completely out-perform bottled water coolers by producing not only a higher quality of water, but also saving you money at the same time. Our line of BottleLESS Water Coolers are available with Ultra Filtration or Reverse Osmosis Filtration, and come standard with the SIP 2000 Ozone Sterilization System. The Ultra Filtration System purifies the water removing taste, odor, chlorine, lead, THMs, Cryptospordium, Giardia, and VOCs while the Reverse Osmosis Filtration removes all that the Ultra Filtration does, while also removing 99.9% of all particles down to 0.5 micron in size. Installation of an Aqua-Clear H2O BottleLESS water cooler is quick and easy, using flexible plastic tubing to connect the quick connect fitting at the back of the unit to your existing water supply and easily install in kitchens, break rooms, warehouses, coffee stations, and near bathrooms or can replace existing drinking water fountains.



Bottled Cooler

Cost Savings:

You already pay a water bill, why pay another one? Instead of paying two bills a month for water, why not let us turn the water you already pay for into water fit for a king. An average warehouse staff of 15 employees use 20-25 bottles of water per month. With an average of $7.00 per bottle and dispenser rental, the cost can easily be over $150.00 per month. Even if you use just 10 bottles a month we can still save you 50% and there is no limit on your water consumption. If water usage goes up, with bottled water coolers so does your cooler bill. The Aqua-Clear H20 BottleLESS water Cooler is the same price every month, month after month. No surprises on your bill. Bottled water companies have a 28 day billing cycle, but wait. 365 days divided by a bill every 28 days equals 13 payments a year. Not only do they ask you to pay two seperate bills for the same product, they ask you to give them an extra payment a year. As you can see it's easy to experience immediate, as well as Long Term Cost Savings.

COST SAVINGS: 50% - 75% Savings Over Bottled Water

  • Average savings over bottled water is 65%.
  • Immediate, as well as Long Term Cost Savings.


Safety and Efficiency:

One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds - One 5-gallon water bottle weights 42-45 pounds. Each time a bottle is replaced, your employee is put at risk of unnecessary injury, and you are put at risk of a workers comp claim. With an Aqua-Clear H20 BottleLESS water cooler, the risk of a cooler injury is eliminated in the workforce.


No More Bottle  No Bottle Storage Storage Area!

No need to loose valuable storage space with empty and full bottles.



Aqua-Clear BottleLESS Water Coolers



Save Space! – Aqua-Clear H20 BottleLESS water coolers will end the inconvenience of storing full and empty bottles of water.

BottleLESS Water Coolers Are Virtually Maintenance Free and require No Bottles.

  • Daily Sanitizing - SIP 2000 Ozone Sanitizer
  • Eco-Friendly - Programmable ON/OFF Times - Heat and Cool when needed!
  • No Bottled Water Deliveries
  • No Mysterious Bottle Deposits
  • No Heavy Lifting - 42lbs a 5 Gallon Bottle!
  • No Storage Space Needed
  • No Running Out of Drinking Water and Waiting
  • No Monthly Delivery Interruptions
  • No Reconciling Confusing Monthly Bills
  • No Security Issues with Bottled water delivery drivers




No Contamination:

Water is Filtered, Then Bottled. After Bottling There is nothing to prevent Bacteria from growing inside the Bottles. Dirt, Dust, and Airborne Bacteria Can Easily Enter Bottled Coolers through the Large Opening in the Top of the Cooler. Hands of the Person Changing the Bottle or the Neck of Bottles Are Rarely Cleaned or Sanitized Before Placing on a Water Cooler, Introducing Dirt, and Bacteria into the Cold Storage Tank.


SIP Technology OzonatorThe Aqua-Clear H20 BottleLESS Water Coolers are equipped with The SIP 2000 Ozone Sanitizer. SIP sanitizes by circulating activated oxygen bubbles known as O3 or Ozone through the water reservoir nightly thus preventing the growth of organisms that deteriorate water quality.  The ozone dissipates into regular oxygen within minutes leaving nothing but pure water behind.



Tastes Great! - Nutritionists recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day for optimum good health. With the convenience of refreshing filtered water right in your office or home office, it's easy to meet your body's requirements. What's more, your family will choose filtered water over more expensive beverages.



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Water Facts

Water Facts

Learn interesting facts about water, and how bottled water effects our landfills, and why we should end the bottled water madness.

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