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TIDEWATER AQUA-CLEAR H2O solved all of our commercial water treatment problems. I was losing profit dollars on my nursery product due to water containing high levels of iron. tidewater aqua clear explained to me as the owner that my water also contained Hydrogen sulfide which was causing a tremendous loss in profit dollars. TIDEWATER AQUA-CLEAR H2O did what every other company said couldn't be done!!! By installing a commercial REVERSE OSMOSIS system, my plants not only thrive but my cash register is singing my favorite song again. I highly recommend TIDEWATER AQUA-CLEAR H2O for any and all water needs!! Excellent customer service!

Robert V
We thought our situation was hopeless... we had high bacterial coli-form, and high levels of sulfur in our well, besides having a crawl space, and little choice where to locate our system. I bought an Eliminator SI, and a whole house UV system, and to be safe a whole house filter, a retention tank, and a new pressure tank. Which was light years cheaper than going with a 'name brand' system. My dealer had a challenge of installing a system in a crawl space. It was overcome by recessing the Eliminator SI below the ground level in a water tight container. The results were surprising, before even putting in the chlorine I could not smell any sulfur, and there's no hint of chlorine to taste or smell, just wonderfully clean water...thanks

Mike, P
I work at a local water treatment plant and was a little skeptical over the Eliminator TX system. I went ahead and ordered the system from my dealer after finding out how knowledgeable they were in all the equipment. My co-workers 'just knew' this system wasn't going to work. But after having it for 2 months and bringing in water samples to test - three of my co-workers ordered systems too. My family and I thank you for saving us so much money.

Harry S
We bought our house in 1978 and the first thing I did was purchase a water softener and installed it myself. Couple of years later it gave out. Got a new one. Same basic model. Eventually I wanted something better.
William came out and tested our water. He was very knowledgeable about water and recommended a custom Titanium XL. I did some research and found you were way less than the other major manufactures. It has been 6 months since I had the Titanium XL system installed and we are very happy with the performance. The water is softer than it has ever been and tastes great.

The owners manual is very comprehensive and way more than I expected. Thank you for the quality of the system and the completeness of the owners manual

Tim B
5 Star service - Excellent communications & awesome installation A+A+A+A+A+

Corey D
My Titanium XL arrived in perfect condition and my dealer professionally installed it in the basement the next day. I loved knowing my system was custom made to my water conditions Other companies had a one size fits all. But, one size all wasn't for my family. There are 8 of us and I wanted a system that could handle the demand. 3 months later and everyone in the family is happy.

Matt S
I just want to tell you how great my new Eliminator TX system is and to let you know how great my dealer is for tolerating my many phone calls with technical questions. Prior to getting your system I could fill a 5 gallon bucket up with water from any spigot in the house and it was actually a brownish color from all the iron and minerals. You couldn't even see the bottom of the bucket. The taste was terrible and taking a shower was almost intolerable.
After the system getting installed yesterday I now have clear water and it tastes excellent. Taking a shower is a pleasure now. I just wanted to thank you again and tell you how pleased I am with my new system. I will recommend your company to anyone who asks me about water filtration systems.

William S
Excellent Service. Everything more than expected! Our pH was so low, our dealer installed a pH Nuetra system. No more green ice

Frank B
The Eliminator XL system removed the bad smells and taste from my well water. Excellent service and support!

Mary E
We wanted to tell you how much our carbon filtration system improved the taste of our water. We have told all of our friends and family.

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